Guest Blogger – Janis Masco

Guest Writer
This month I am featuring a very special woman.  Her name is Janis Masco.  She is a Personal Trainer that is a partner in Goodebody Fitness.  Here is Janis’ story.
Student Turned Trainer
5 years ago I made a decision to change my life forever.  It wasn’t a fad diet or a 6-month weight loss only to gain the pounds back and then some.  It was an effort to change my life for the better and realize nutrition plays an important and almost vital role to transforming life forever.   The ability to shed the weight enabled me to run a little longer, lift a little heavier and sustain myself through longer workouts.  The physical results were the bonus.  Losing 5 sizes, gaining muscle mass and having more energy in my late 40’s was something I never thought would come to pass.

I am now a trainer myself and one of the benefits to being a trainer who has gone down the tough road of weight loss and overcoming every day obstacles is being able to relate to my clients.  The majority of them being moms who just don’t have the time to exercise or eat properly.  It’s a balance and when you find the balance it will be easier to live that healthy lifestyle.  Everyone’s journey is personal and their own.

I offer many services such as one on one personal training, group training, boot camp style training and online coaching services.  I can be reached at 732-278-4395.

Yours in Fitness,
Janis Masco

Goodebody Gourmet prepares and delivers fresh and nutritional meals in the local areas of Northern Ocean and Southern Monmouth Counties.  This company was created on the premise you do not have to sacrifice taste for the sake of nutrition.   Their meals are delicious and nutritious leaving the preparation and taste to Chef Mike while focusing on customer service and ensuring each meal goes out the door the way the customer ordered.  The meal choices are customizable leaving the customer to choose the ounces of protein and their carb of choice or they may choose the ever popular no carb option.  The owners of Goodebody Gourmet are experts in their field of fitness, nutrition and restaurant quality food.

Gourmet offers online ordering and payment options.  They offer free delivery to your home twice a week to ensure your meals are fresh.

Goodebody Gourmet has a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner selections and they add to their menu frequently.  They offer different sized portions of meals starting at $9.00 for 4oz of protein.  Side meals and snacks usually average $5.00.  Volume discounts are offered for 10 meals or more.
You can review their full menu on or visit their Facebook page Goodebody Gourmet to read their customer reviews.

If you have any questions regarding delivery or special meal requests you can contact the owners directly.  Janis Masco at 732-278-4395 or Brian Goode at 848-333-0953.

#tastycanbehealthy #healthycanbetasty

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Michelle xo

About Michelle Macchia:
I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help
you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching by checking out my webpage at and download my FREE Sugar Cleanse Cheatsheet!


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