School has started and summer is almost over and it sure was amazing with many new lifelong memories but, lord knows there was a lot of food involved.  So it’s that time and yes you guessed it, join us for our Back to Reality Cleanse. And after summer, who doesn’t need a cleanse⁉️   When I first did my cleanse 2 months ago, it was awesome because I was able to sleep better, no longer felt bloated, got my energy back, kicked my food addictions to the curb, and even got my sexy back because I lost 6 pounds in 10 days‼️

We have a huge group starting September 12th and trust me you don’t want to miss out.  It’s going to be lots of fun and I am going to have a free Facebook group for my members.  So email me back at or send me a private FB message to say your in️ & receive 3 FREE 15 minute Health Coach Sessions as well!!

Check out these videos about Purium products and the business.

Product video

Business video

I’m hosting a group cleanse that starts Sept. 12th!!

Included in the 10 Day Cleanse:
Closed FB group for cleanse participants – FUN & a Community!
Lose between 5-15 lbs in 10 Days of FAT!!
Reduce Toxins
Reset your Metabolism
Receive 3 FREE 15 Minute Coaching Calls!
Eat Clean!
Feel Great!

Inbox me now to sign up for the cleanse and I’ll give you $50 off. We make exceptions for things we WANT (our hair done, nails, purses, shoes, drinks with the girls). If you really want it you find a way!! Who wants to shed the unwanted summer pounds? Inbox me now to start!!





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