It’s been a month since I last posted.  I have to apologize for my long hiatus.  I didn’t realize it was that long ago.  Let me first start the blog by introducing myself.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Hope you have a fabulous day!

Hello I am Michelle Macchia from Recreating Balance with Michelle.  I am a certified health coach.  I work with men and women who are ready to recreate balance by releasing the weight, reducing sugar cravings, stopping processed foods, and learning to love you again.laying down pic

On Tuesday, March 8th I hosted a movie about GMO’s at the AMC Brick Movie Theatre.  The movie was called Consumed.   The movie was about a mother’s battle to find out what is causing her young son’s mystery illness.  The single-mother who worked at a diner and who was attending college classes went to several doctors and even paid out-of-pocket for a specialist.  The doctors could not find what was causing the ailment.  They even went as far as to say the son was having paranoid allusions and was making up not feeling well and it was causing the rashes.  They show what the big GMO companies, such as Monsanto, are doing to the organic farmer.  They are stalking them, suing them, and ultimately GMO seeds wind up in their crops.  These organic farmers then lose their GMO status.  They show the scientists working in the labs on mice and roosters.  They show how the mice being fed a GMO diet become sick with huge tumors the size of their heads and how the roosters turn become enraged and attack other roosters.  Finally, one of the scientists cannot take it anymore and he decided to go talk with the young boy’s mother.  On his way to speak with her he is followed by the GMO company’s “muscle for hire” and loses control of his car and hits a pole.  The young mom sees the news report on the television and realizes that he was coming to see her.  She finds out from his wife where the car has been taken and has someone at the dump open the trunk for her.  In the trunk she finds several reports about what GMO’s are doing to the mice and livestock.  She makes an alliance with another father whose son is not feeling well at this point.  They go to the GMO Company’s CEO and make a pledge to him.  He didn’t know what was going on.  He quits his job that day.   (Consumed.  2015).


If you would like to read the remainder of the article and learn more about GMO’s click here to be brought to the follow-up GMO info page.  Thanks for reading my blog.

Michelle xo

Also, stay tuned each month I am going to feature a health coach, fitness instructor, or health provider.  Learn more about each provider’s services.  Don’t worry in March we are starting with me!!  Next week, I’ll be talking about my products and services however, if you are super interested which I know you will be once you read about my new program check out my webpage at Recreating Balance.   Also, if you are a health coach, fitness instructor, or a health provider contact me at to guest blog for me!!  That would be awesome!

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Michelle Macchia, Health Coach


My brand new audio program starts April 18th.  It’s $100 off right now!!

It’s only $399 until 4/10.

3 weeks dedicated to educating you on foods
Week 1 We start by going over the benefits of veggies/greens – YUM!  Let’s talk veggies.  Why they are so beneficial to our bodies?  This week I’ll show you how to make kale chips and I’ll provide some yummy recipes that I promise your kids will love too!
Week 2 is about healthy carbs/whole grains – I’ll explain what exactly is a whole grain and I’ll give you examples and recipes!
Week 3 is about all protein – Why we should eat grass-fed/organic/no hormones/no antibiotics/no chemicals – We already get this shit in other things we eat, breath, and touch.  I’ll explain why it’s important to make an effort to value our bodies and reduce the intake of these toxins when we eat protein. You’ll walk away with knowledge of why you want to avoid the non-organic protein aisles.
Woo Hoo!!  You made it 1/2 way.  The first 3 weeks were jam-packed with info – this is the easy week.
Week 4 is all about YOU!! Having Fun, smiling, relaxing, & taking care of you is so important!!  This is the week we focus on ourselves!  Take yourself on a damn date this week!!
Week 5 is focused on reducing sugar – Let’s stop the mid-afternoon and evening crave.  I’ll teach you how.
Week 6 is focused on the importance of exercise – Time to make a plan to move!  I like to save this for last because I want you to focus on changing your relationship with food first. Now it’s time to add in the movement.

The 4 bonus topics which will be sent mid-week on 4 of the above weeks will include education on GMO’s, The Law of Attraction, healthy snacks, and organic vs. non-organic produce.

My plan is to have you find a new appreciation and understanding about food, loving yourself, and exercise.  I want you to realize you are AMAZING!!  You should value what you put into your body. Everything we eat fuels our bodies, determines our moods, makes us tired or gives us energy, and helps us release or gain weight.  Knowledge is key.  Let me help you to recreate your balance.

 Program Starts April 28, 2016!!  Click here to learn more about the program!



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