GMO’s and why we need to read labels.

So I’ve done a lot of education on GMO’s lately and it’s really scary.

First what is a GMO?  GMO stands for a genetically modified organism.  GMOs are plants or meat products that have had their DNA altered in a lab by using genes of other viruses, plants, animals, and bacteria.

GMO’s are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health issues.  If you are eating a lot of processed foods you are putting a lot of these altered genes in your body since companies are using these GMOs in everything. You may find that you have a rash, hives, stomach aches, headaches, etc.. and your doctor can not find the cause.  This may be your reaction to a certain GMO.

So what do these genes do to our bodies in the long run?  From what I have researched and learned in school we are ingesting modified genes which are causing alteration or deterioration of the genes in our body which have been linked  to causing Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Cancer.  So if you are constantly eating processed foods you are constantly adding these unknown genes into your genes and changing your genetic makeup.  The thought of that is really scary!

Here are the top 3 genetically modified Crops according to the Huffington Post:

1) Corn – 88% of this is genetically modified – best bet to buy from a local farmer, do not buy processed foods with any corn ingredient, & buy grass fed/organic beef.

2) Soy – 93% of soy is processed – it’s in many products so if the product says may have soy ingredients place it back on the shelf.  Just like corn soy goes by many other name so read the fine print and google the ingredients when you are unsure.

3) Cottonseed- 94% of cotton is processed – cotton seeds are culled from cotton and used in vegetable oil, margarine, shortening, and foods like potato chips (fried foods).  So here’s your best bet when shopping for these items; cut out margarine and shortening from your diets and buy butter (real butter), do not use vegetable oil use olive oil instead, and when buying chips buy organic or baked chips.

It is best if we know about what is in our foods.  So many people are being blindsided with cancer nowadays and if we educate ourselves about GMO’s and the potential dangers we can change the future.

If you are interested in GMO’s you should look for a date/time that Consumed is playing in your area. Consumed is a dramatic thriller set in the complex world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The story is anchored by a working-class, single Mother who goes on a journey with her son to uncover the cause of a Mysterious illness. Consumed is a powerful original story that begs us to question what we as Americans are eating everyday.  I am waiting for final notification from Gathr about hosting the movie Consumed in my area.  Click here at Consumed Movie to watch a quick ad about the movie.

I will be sending an update shortly on the day/time that I will be hosting in Brick, NJ.  If you are not in my local area of NJ you should look up a day/time this movie will be in your area and purchase tickets.  It’s an eye-opener and one we all need to be aware of.

Health and Happiness,



Michelle Macchia, Health Coach XO



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