Working out!

This is the 10th week of the 10 week challenge at The MAX of Brick and I’m still loving it!  I’m also loving being able to fit into all of my clothes which is a great feeling!  I have been eating clean for a while however, the walking and working out sporadically were keeping me back from my fitness goals.  It’s so funny.  I am a personal trainer, kickboxing coach, and zumba coach and I really don’t like working out and spending time at the gym when I can be working with clients, relaxing, or sleeping LOL.  I am very happy that I found the MAX and that Denise invited me to the vendor fair in June.  As a health coach I’ll tell you that working out is important however, depending on your health goals you may need to step it up a bit and get your butt kicked at the MAX or in a crossfit gym.  Let me know your thoughts on this?

I love the MAX.  I intend on continuing my fitness journey.  If you need a push and would love to work out with me and live in the Brick area contact me and you can come join me one day soon!  I also get measured tomorrow so very exciting news on the way later this week!  XOXO Michelle


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