Inflammation & Food

Did you ever just listen to conversations going on around you? I hear people talking about my face is breaking out, I have a rash, my stomach is bothering me, etc.. etc.. etc..  I want to say, “Hey what do you eat?”  But, once I start that conversation I feel like there are so many that refuse to believe it’s the food the FDA is approving for our bodies and our children’s bodies.  There are so many chemicals in the processed foods that are not to be digested and if you keep eating the same crap over and over you will start to see inflammation in your body.  Think about it!  If you always eat sweets and you start getting rashes why wouldn’t your first thought be hmm maybe I am allergies or starting to become allergic to sugar?  Interesting right?

So while the children are getting ready to go back to school and the parents are running around buying the necessary items think about this.. do I want to get them chips and cookies that may be full of chemicals and sugar or do I want to buy some organic snacks that are natural and have no chemicals?  Buy some organic fruit and I love Target because they have lots of organic food choices as well.  Be sure to watch the sugar content because you do not want to give you child a sugar jump start because what happens after that?  A lull!

As a health coach I work with people to stop the inflammation, stop the weight gain, & to stop the yucky feeling you have when you eat.  If you need that extra but, you are just too busy right now help contact me for a one hour get back on track coaching call.  I’m here for you I want to help!

XOXO Michelle


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