The Little Things!

To often we hear of sickness and deaths. I think everyone should make a conscious effort to start taking time to notice the little things.  Did you see that lately there are a lot of birds flying around? Soon winter will come and they will fly south.  Do you help out nature by throwing any left over bread to them?  Did you ever take time to look at the trees and the clouds and just take it the beauty? Sometimes we need to just take notice of the little things.

Does your love one text you during the day to say hello?  Do you ever text anyone just to say I’m thinking of you?  We need to remember it’s not the huge grand jesters that mean a lot it’s the little ones too!

Just letting someone or something know you care if enough!  Tell me one thing you have done lately that has showed someone/something that you cared.

Hope you have a great weekend!

XO Michelle


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