So I won a 10 week membership to the MAX of Brick.  If you don’t know what the MAX is, it’s a fitness center that has 45 minute work-out classes with a food plan.  You go once a day, get your butt kicked, and eat right.  It’s an awesome program for anyone at any fitness level.  I really like it.  I was slacking on working out and feeling crappy because of the candida and now I’ve been at it for 9 days and I feel awesome.  I choose to go at 6 am and by 9 am I am wide awake and full of energy.  My legs are screaming a little today but, who cares I have jeans, dresses, and bathing suits that are waiting for me to jump back in.  The only thing that is different this time is that I am in control of what I eat.  If you want to get your workout in every day in 45 min and feel great. You may want to look into this.  Ask me any questions you’d like.  I like it a lot so I’d definitely tell you what’s up and you should give it a try!

I am so happy that I went to school to be a Health Coach and decided months ago that I was going to make myself healthy, happy, and full of energy.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect on Sat night I had about 10 Frito’s and some onion dip and 1 scoop of regular ice cream.  I don’t eat dairy and my body doesn’t love it but, I wanted a little so I had it.  As a Health Coach I know that sometimes you need that extra help.  It is your right to find out how to take care of your body.  Are you eating because you are happy, sad, anxious, hungry because you are “dieting” and not fueling your body, or you just love food!  Let’s work together to figure out what is going on within your body and make a plan that works best for you.  I’m here to help please ask for it.  Don’t be like me and beat yourself up anytime you gain weight or eat the foods you shouldn’t.  For the first time ever food does not control me, I control food.  I decide if I’m hungry and if I want something to eat.  You have to take the control back and fuel your body.  Don’t let food destroy you.

Take it from experience I crave strawberries now not chocolate and I eat dinner at 7 and I’m not looking for a snack after.  If this is what you need than I am the one to help.  Email me or call me.

Best Wishes,



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