Awesome book!

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!  Hope you are having a good week thus far after the holiday weekend.  I had a great weekend.  I went to the beach, relaxed, and I read this awesome book, The 5 Love Languages.  It’s so interesting how we view ourselves and our relationships.  Did you ever think that maybe it’s because each person loves in a different way?  I know that my love language is “words of affirmation” and that my boyfriend’s love language is “quality time.”  We use to bicker because I would have the tv on when he came home from work and he’d be trying to talk to me and I’d say 5 more minutes or whatever.  And I’d get upset because I felt that every time I got dressed up he should say I look great or something like that.  Now I am learning that because everyone loves differently that if you don’t learn your significant others love language you will be constantly craving your own love language.  So now I feel great about our relationship.  He does all of these nice things and takes the time to talk and spend time with me.  I know he understands I crave words so because I am noticing all the nice things he does and loving him the way he needs to be loved he will understand why I need the things I do.  Relationships are work and if you put in 100% you will get 100% back.

Happy week!  Gotta run and get some things done.  Let me know if you read this book or have other books that I can read and share with my readers and clients.



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