So I’m starting tomorrow…I’m very excited.  I love Zumba and Kickboxing!!  I am not really into weights any longer, though I do have my personal training cert.  I don’t love lifting.  I know a lot of my friends do and my son does.  However, because I need to practice what I preach I’m ready for a change in my way of working out and get my butt kicked in Cross-fit.  I am really excited about Friday’s!!  Friday is kickboxing day and all of you that know me already know I am a Certified Kickboxing Instructor so this is right up my alley!!  I’m so psyched to get my ass back in gear so I can start teaching KB and Zumba weekly instead of just being a sub right now.  And maybe if I LOVE Cross-fit maybe I’ll be an instructor – that may be my calling.

I was really impressed by the trainers at the intro today and I like that this specific cross-fit establishment goes over nutrition.  I already eat this way so SCORE!!  If you feel nervous about doing cross-fit because changing your diet is impossible that’s ok I’m here to help, contact me today for a free one hour consultation.  I do consults via phone, skype, and in-person!

Have a good Sunday!



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