Milk…Yes or No??

So my first reaction anytime someone says earache, stomachache, flem, sore throat is STOP the milk.  I know everyone thinks oh it’s so good for you it has Vitamin D and calcium, ask yourself does it have these items?  If they are pasteurizing and homogenizing the non-organic milk how could any nutrients survive?  Here’s another thought to ponder…the cows are milked several times a day/week/month etc…  The cows are in pain, there is blood and puss coming out of their utters and where is it going?  You guessed it … your milk bucket!  So here’s some facts, the cows are given antibiotics to keep from getting sick and hormones to keep them pumping out milk.  If you ask me my opinon I’d say if you are going to buy milk either spend the extra bucks to keep you family safe or buy raw milk (note that some people do get sick from this milk too).  I say just buy the alternatives; coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and if you need to soy milk.  I can honestly say that I’m never drinking milk again.


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