So to be honest I’m one of those people that would rather sleep than get up in the morning and work-out and come afternoon I can think of 10,000 other things I have to do when I get home from work. How about you?  So I’ve decided I’d make my career a career that I’d have to work out.  I’m a certified zumba and kickboxing instructor!  I’m going to have to move my ass sooner or later.  So back to my career I’d have to be committed to health and wellness and I couldn’t shy away from working out.  I do know that years ago when I was working out hard I was very healthy, happy, and felt wonderful.  I know over the last few years I’ve stopped being as strong as I use to be and I want to get out there, be strong, happy and 100% healthy again.  So I’m taking my work-outs to the next level.  What are you doing to take yours to the next level?  Let me know if you are trying something new or even if you have just changed your environment?  I’m starting crossfit on Monday for a 10 week challenge.  I can’t wait to feel the burn!  So if you are like me and keep making excuses write to me and we’ll try something new together.  Being a Health Coach doesn’t make me any different than anyone else, I’m still human.  Contact me for more information, A Balanced Life is a Happy Life!!


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