Is eating dairy free, no sugar, and gluten free products for everyone?  I believe this is your choice however, if you are feeling run down, tired, sluggish, itchy, nauseous, have headaches you should really look into what you eat on a daily basis.  I eat as much gluten free as I can; rice, gluten free pasta, gluten free oatmeal, nothing processed, no chips, no bread (which I find to be the hardest thing) and I eat as  “clean” as I can.  What’s the easiest way to reduce sugar, gluten, and dairy…cut a little bit out at a time.  I reduced the gluten first then I changed sugar to honey and tried to buy products with the least amount of sugar (low sugar yogurt, kind bars, and low sugar peanut butter) and then finally I cut dairy.  I’ve been using Almond milk for a long time now I am using coconut oil spread on my waffles and have cut down my consumption of yogurt.  In the morning I drink hot water with lemon instead of tea which reduced my honey intake and I’m going to change to the So Delicious dairy free yogurt this week.  What have you done to reduce gluten, sugar, dairy in your diet?  Please let me know.  I’m very interested in how others have made themselves feel better!!

My favorite Oatmeal is pictured here it’s gluten free Chex Oatmeal!!


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