I love love love Ava Anderson’s shampoo &  conditioner.  Let me explain this to you if your child has knotty hair or if you have knotty hair like I do some mornings you will be in HEAVEN with the conditioner.  I also have the detangler and on my non-shampoo day I spray that on my hair add some water and brush…no knots and no pain.  Ava’s products have no chemicals in them which makes them 100% natural and so much healthier than the products we can buy in the department store that have alcohol and other chemicals.

I try to reduce as many chemicals as I can on a daily basis so if using vinegar and water as a cleaner will get rid of the bleach we would normally inhale and using Ava’s hair products gets rid of the chemicals going down my body during a shower I’m a little happier and healthier!  🙂


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