So today’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sure many of us are still full and feeling disgusting from yesterday.  If you are raise your hand!  I see those hands up!  So how do you get over the boo hoo I ate too much blues?  Get up and move!  You don’t have to go to go out and get a gym membership you just have to get up and move!  Bundle up and take a walk for 20 min, jump on that treadmill, or step it up and challenge yourself by working out on your WII or buying an exercise video.  I love love love the 20 minute kickboxing dvd’s from Jillian Michael’s and I know others love her weight lifting videos.  So get up and move make a commitment to yourself to “Recreate Balance” in your life. What did you do today to counteract all the food you ate yesterday?!

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