I love Thanksgiving!  It’s my favorite holiday.  I love that no gifts are involved or no Easter eggs need to be hidden.  However, I do have to watch my waste on this day because I like everyone else loves to eat the yummy Turkey Day dinner!

So here are some healthful tips that will keep you from overindulging and “Recreating Balance” all day! 😉 I know my family loves to throw on the cheese and drown the mashed potatoes in butter. What are some things you can do to “health” up your Thanksgiving holiday? First off help with the prep so you can reduce the amount of extras! Remember having some fats in your diet is good for you but, overindulgence in anything is not a good idea.  Forget the cheese on any veggies, reduce the calories in the mashed potatoes by reducing the butter, milk, and substituting some of the mashed potatoes for cauliflower, and instead of purchasing fried apps try for some veggies and hummus! Stay tuned I’ll have more tips this week!


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